Domestic and International Baggage Allowance of Thai VietJet

In this article, you’ll get to know about Thai VietJet baggage allowance. Travelling isn’t far from this term called ‘baggage allowance’, especially if you are travelling through the air route. All flights have their own rule regarding this, and knowing how many you can bring along is one thing quintessential before booking your flight. Besides you can estimate how many that you can pack up, you can also prepare yourself for some cash to cover the luggage cost.

Baggage cost is a quite sensitive thing for LCCs, including Thai VietJet Air. Is Thai VietJet baggage allowance the same with other airline’s operating within the same country? What about its baggage allowance for international flights? We’ll try to cover that below.

Understanding Thai VietJet Air Baggage Allowance

Talking about baggage allowance will take us to these terms: carry-on luggage and checked luggage. Both of which have distinguishable maximum weight, and each airline has different set of number regarding this. Some may come up with huge number of free baggage upon booking, while some others require separated purchase. However, one thing for sure, the max weight is set according to the aircraft size as well.

Before delving more, it’d be better for us to find out the number of Thai VietJet baggage allowance. You may have read people’s reviews about ‘scamming’ baggage fees of Thai VietJet Air, and the count is too many. Given Thai VietJet is an LCC; it’s no wonder the airline will charge you bucks for checked baggage. Even for carry-on luggage, you can get charged as well.

  • Unrevealing the Luggage: how much baggage is allowed by Thai VietJet airline?

According to many resources, currently the airline has this ‘provision’ for its baggage allowance:


  1. For carry-on or hand baggage, each passenger (excluding children under 3) is allowed to bring at maximum 7 kg of baggage, which doesn’t surpass 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm. This set of dimensions will be subject to 1 handbag and 1 small handbag only.
  2. For checked baggage, each Thai VietJet Air passenger is allowed to bring 32 kg luggage per piece, which dimension shouldn’t exceed 119 cm x 119 cm x 81 cm. The airline’s checked baggage can be purchased upon check-in, or while booking your flight ticket in any channels.
  3. For excess baggage, the same number – 32 kg is the maximum weight set. The dimension should not go beyond 200 cm x 119 cm x 81 cm. However, this type of baggage – when exceeding the dimension and weight set, may risk it to be forwarded by freight services. Hence, you may not receive the baggage any time soon when you arrive on the destination.

Since Thai VietJet Air only serves short-flights, you may not get any chance to go with excess baggage. Posing your inquiry about this to the customer service representative will help you to understand this better.

  • Is domestic and international Thai VietJet Air baggage allowance the same?

Well, there are no articles mentioning about this bluntly – so it’s better to treat it similarly. By that it means domestic flights and, if any, international flights using Thai VietJet Air will have the same maximum hand-baggage and checked-baggage weight provision.



  • Pricing

The need to know about pricing runs deep within us. The same need goes well for taking notes of the price for Thai VietJet baggage allowance. As mentioned earlier, the airline may charge you even for carry-on luggage – which oftentimes is taken by many as ‘airline scam’.


That said, it leaves us with no option than to comply with the rule stated: only to bring one handbag and one small bag, when combined, doesn’t surpass the maximum dimension and weight allowed.


Since it’s tricky to peep the checked-baggage pricing from its official website (it requires reservation code plus your family and given name) just to know the price of Thai VietJet baggage allowance, this data is obtained from one of booking channels available for a flight from Bangkok (BKK) to Chiang Mai (CNX). It may not give you an exact pricing—given that different destination may bring up different baggage cost.


  • Cabin baggage 7 kg à free (make sure to comply with the rule aforementioned)
  • +15 kg baggage                 à THB 439.85
  • +20 kg baggage à THB 482.65
  • +25 kg baggage à THB 589.65
  • +30 kg baggage à THB 910.65
  • +35 kg baggage à THB 1,081.85
  • +40 kg baggage à THB 1,338.65

(Price per May 2021, larger baggage may come for specific seating class only)


  • How to deal with expensive baggage cost
  1. Prepare more cash

If you cannot go without your already-packed luggage, then you won’t be able to leave it just like that. Paying more bucks in order to get your baggage flies along with you will be the instant answer.


  1. Switch to freight companies

If you don’t need the luggage in an urgently manner, then consider to cargo your baggage. This may take days to cover, yet if you’re budget-wise, this method makes your wallet to thank you later.


  1. Travel with less baggage (if possible)

Bringing less baggage doesn’t only ensure you better safety (no heavy-heart on slow baggage claims, or dealing with lost-and-found counter). You may become a frugal traveler have there been less baggage tagged along with you.

That sums up some explanation about Thai VietJet baggage allowance, as well as a glimpse of its pricing. So, do you think flying with this LCC worth it? Or will it drive you lunatic due to its baggage cost? Well, better to keep that personal answer for yourself only.